Thank you for offering the "Tools and Techniques" course to Jostens.
It is my intention to become certified and this course was extremely helpful in moving towards that achievement.

- Anita Nelson, Jostens



Budget Cuts & Down-Sizing Don't Have to Limit Your Business

Yesterday's Company Mandate...
“Cut the budget” . . .
“right-size”the staff !

Today's Business Challenge...
Getting the same work done
with a reduced staff!
ExecuTrain is pleased to provide a creative and effective solution . . . the “Plan Ahead & Save” Advantage!

Here’s how “Plan Ahead & Save” works:

Discount Grid Public Desktop Standard Public Desktop Power-User Public Technical
Standard Per Day Rate $225 $275 $447
4 to 6 Weeks Preregistration @ 25% $168.75 $206.25 $335.25
6 to 8 Weeks Preregistration @ 30% $157.50 $192.50 $312.90
8 Plus Weeks Preregistration @ 35% $146.25 $178.75 $290.55
This offer only applies to Microsoft technical and desktop classes as well as A+ and Network+. Prepayment is required.
For example, you need a 5-day technical class and decide that rather than take the course this month, you will instead book the class for 2 months from now. The result? Instead of paying $2,235 you will pay $1,453 . . . a savings of $782!
That’s it? Yes, that is all there is to it. Simply by planning ahead and booking your class with ExecuTrain at least 2 months prior to the scheduled date, you will be rewarded with HUGE savings!
Course Name Course Date Regular Rate Discounted Rate
2373 Programming with VB .Net
Book a class on our public schedule at least 2 months prior to the course date!
$2235 $1453
Access 2003 Introduction $225 $146
But wait . . . there's more. If your company chose to register at least 6 students for the same public course on the same day, ExecuTrain will reward you with an additional 5% discount off your regular discounted rate! Thus, because you planned early and registered often, your company realizes additional savings!

ExecuTrain's "Plan Ahead & Save" Advantage is simple . . . creative . . . proactive . . . and best of all, it makes sense! In today's business climate, it is more important than ever to strategically plan ahead and train as many employees as possible. By working in partnership with ExecuTrain, you can actually meet today's business challenge!

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